January 23, 2011

Makanan Diet Terbaik untuk Menurunkan Berat Badan

Makanan Diet Terbaik untuk Menurunkan Berat Badan - Ada banyak cara untuk menurunkan berat badan, seperti operasi, pil berat badan, metode diet yang buruk dan lain-lain. Di antara semua teknik menurunkan berat badan, ahli gizi dan ahli kebugaran akan setuju jika makan makanan yang tepat dan baik adalah cara terbaik untuk melakukannya. Jadi di sini, makanan diet  yang baik adalah solusi terbaik untuk menurunkan berat badan.

# 1 Oatmeal untuk Sarapan

Oatmeal dikenal kaya akan serat dan sangat baik untuk jantung karena kemampuannya untuk menurunkan kolesterol. Selain itu, Outmeal sudah cukup untuk membuat Anda merasa kenyang selama pagi hari. Karena alasan ini, Anda bisa menghindari camilan yang tidak perlu di pertengahan makan.

Meskipun oat adalah diet rendah karbohidrat yang cukup populer karena kemampuan mereka untuk membantu Anda menurunkan berat badan dengan cepat, studi terbaru mengungkapkan bahwa orang yang mengkonsumsi karbohidrat gandum cenderung mendapatkan berat badan atau mengalami obesitas daripada mereka yang berada di bawah 'diet fad'.

# 2 Steak untuk Makan Siang

Pecinta Daging pasti akan senang mendengar bahwa penurunan berat badan tidak mengharuskan Anda untuk membatasi diet Anda untuk makan buah-buahan dan sayuran saja. Bahkan, makan daging, daging sangat dianjurkan karena mengandung jumlah tinggi protein. Protein membantu membangun otot, dan otot-otot membantu membakar kalori lebih banyak, Jadi daging tanpa lemak pasti akan membantu Anda menurunkan berat badan dan bahkan mungkin memberikan beberapa otot.

# 3 Salad Buah dan Sayuran Segar untuk Makan Malam

Yang satu ini cukup jelas karena sayur dan buah salad hampir selalu ada dalam daftar pelaku diet. Namun, ingat bahwa tidak semua salad sehat. Ada yang mengandung beberapa daging yang bisa melonjakkan kandungan kalori sebanyak 500 kalori.

Tip: Saat mempersiapkan salad, gunakan minyak zaitun atau jus lemon dengan sedikit garam dan merica bukannya mayones atau saus salad lainnya. Ini akan secara signifikan mengurangi kadar kalori piring.

Saran di atas, jika dilakukan dengan benar, pasti akan membantu Anda menurunkan berat badan dengan cepat. Juga, jangan lupa untuk minum air yang banyak sehabis makan dan sesering yang Anda bisa, ini akan membantu sistem pencernaan anda dan meningkatkan metabolisme Anda untuk menurunkan berat badan yang lebih efektif.
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December 12, 2010

FDA Scrutinizes Weight Loss Pill from Orexigen

Scientists for the Food and Drug Administration said Friday a pill to treat obesity from Orexigen Therapeutics Inc. helped patients lose weight, though it didn't meet all the criterion set forth by the agency.

The FDA's review, posted online Friday, also raised questions about the pill's effects on the heart, a perennial issue for weight loss drugs that have been plagued by safety issues.

Orexigen's pill Contrave is the third weight loss pill to be reviewed by the FDA this year. FDA officials have acknowledged the need for new weight loss drugs amid an epidemic of U.S. obesity, though the agency rejected the two other medications due to safety concerns.

Shares of Orexigen Therapeutics Inc. fell 62 cents, or 11.3 percent, to $4.84 in morning trading.

The FDA said Friday four studies conducted by Orexigen showed patients taking its drug lost, on average, 4.2 percent more weight than patients taking a placebo. However, the results did not meet an FDA guideline that there should be at least a 5 percent difference in weight loss between the groups.

The drug did meet a second measure of effectiveness involving the number of patients who lost at least 5 percent or more of their weight. FDA guidelines published in 2007 state that a drug can be considered effective if it meets this requirement.

The FDA will ask a panel of experts to vote on the drug's efficacy and safety on Tuesday. The vote is non-binding, though the FDA often follows the guidance of its panelists.

With U.S. obesity rates nearing 35 percent among adults, doctors and public health officials say new weight-loss therapies are desperately needed. And even a modestly effective drug could have blockbuster potential.

But the search for a drug that helps patients safely shed pounds has been largely unsuccessful. Earlier this year Abbott Laboratories' Meridia weight loss pill was pulled from the market after regulators said it increased the risk of heart attack and stroke.

In reviewing Contrave, FDA scientists complained that the company enrolled few elderly patients or patients with a history of heart disease in its trials, making it difficult to determine the drug's safety in patients at risk for heart attack and stroke.

Contrave is a combination pill, mixing the antidepressant bupropion with the anti-addiction drug naltrexone. FDA reported higher rates of side effects already linked to the drugs, including high blood pressure, dizziness and insomnia.

The quest for a blockbuster weight loss drug has been plagued for decades by safety issues. Doctors and patients had hoped a new wave of treatments submitted to the FDA would prove safer than older therapies. But in October the FDA rejected two drugs in one week: Qnexa from Vivus Inc. and lorcaserin from Arena Pharmaceuticals Inc.

Qnexa had shown significant weight loss in trials but was linked to potential heart problems and birth defects. In lorcaserin's case, the FDA raised concerns about cancerous tumors seen in rats who took the drug.

source : articles.sfgate.com
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December 10, 2010

Video Game to Choose Healthier Diet

A candidate from Georgia Tech College of Computing has shown that playing health-related video games on a mobile device can help adults learn to live more healthfully by making smart diet choices.

OrderUP! Includes "exergames," in which players get a genuine workout while playing. It educates players about how to make healthy eating choices in situations nearly everyone encounters regularly in their lives.

By casting players as virtual restaurant servers, Order UP! forces players to make healthy—and fast—menu decisions for a group of demanding, impatient customers.

"The most important finding from the OrderUP! project was how the game was integrated into conversations players had with other players and non-players about things that they had learned, particularly things that confronted their assumptions about healthy choices," said Beki Grinter, the project's principal investigator and associate professor in Georgia Tech's School of Interactive Computing.

How the game works: virtual 'customers' are offered three possible food choices like a fried chicken thigh, a jerk chicken breast or gumbo. They're then asked to make the healthiest choice, with only a few moments to pick before the customer gets impatient and leaves.

Players start with 1,000 health points, and as they make unhealthy choices for their customers (or as the customers get tired of waiting and leave) their health points drop. The object of the game is to continue serving food as long as possible.

"All health games, or any kind of ''serious'' game with a purpose beyond entertainment, always have the challenge of making the game fun versus getting across the information you want to get across," said the game's creator, Andrea Grimes Parker, a student in Human-Centered Computing in Georgia Tech's School of Interactive Computing.

"In particular, we found that people learned how to make healthier choices when eating out, reassessed the healthiness of their current eating habits, began having productive conversations about healthy eating with people in their social network and, finally, actually started introducing healthier foods into their diet," said the game's creator, Andrea Grimes Parker, a student in Human-Centered Computing in Georgia Tech's School of Interactive Computing.

"One finding that was a bit surprising was just how much people translated what they saw in the game to their own lives. Another surprise was that players wanted more detailed information about nutrition values," Parker said.

Future development of OrderUP! will include a longer study to measure player behaviour change over an extended period of time, as well as an expanded game with more levels, more food choices and more nutritional information available to the player.

The finding is published in the paper, Let's Play! Mobile Health Games for Adults, recently presented at Ubicomp 2010 in Copenhagen, Denmark.
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